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If the insulation in your home or business is not up to par, you’re losing more than just hot and cool air— you are losing money!
New EPA standards tell us that the average American home doesn’t have enough insulation. Inadequate insulation can lead to over 60% of your heated and cooled air leaving your house through your walls, floors and ceilings. Now calculate how much you are paying to heat and cool the great outdoors, in addition to your home, and you’ll begin to see the effect this is having on your wallet.
Our expert insulation installation for Salisbury NC and surrounding areas is a valuable resource for home and business owners. There are many benefits to having adequate insulation.

Your home:

  • stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • has fewer air leaks
  • uses less energy
  • has a lighter impact on the environment
  • operates more efficiently and effectively year-round

You and your family:

  • are more comfortable
  • have reduced monthly utility expenses


Our staff also has expertise in conditioned crawlspaces – a crawlspace constructed and insulated so that it functions as part of the entire conditioned space of the house. While not quite as common as vented crawlspaces, conditioned crawlspaces perform better in many cases in terms of safety, health, comfort, durability and energy consumption.

We work to improve the environment inside, outside and under your home or business.
Let us help you decide the best options for your home or business and reduce the impact on your environment and your wallet… Peeler – your trusted insulation contractor!

We are proud of our excellent customer service and the exceptional knowledge our staff shares with our customers. Our customers appreciate it too and say things like:

hands down the best
Over a decade of outstanding service keeps me a loyal customer.”
They have great service, competitive pricing, and always stay on top of the industry trends.”
Wonderful, fast service along with friendly staff makes using Peeler Environmental a pleasant experience. ”

Read more customer reviews on the “Testimonials” page then talk to our trained experts for your own “5 star” experience.

We are your best resource for home/business energy conservation and insulation installation for Salisbury NC area homes and businesses.

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