Does your home in Salisbury, NC need moisture control in the crawlspace or basement?

Having a home with high moisture levels presents two types of issues:

  • damage to your home itself
  • health concerns for your family


It is quite common for homes to have a moisture level in the crawl space or basement above 20%. This degree of dampness encourages the growth of mildew, mold, fungus and rot. Obviously, rotting wood weakens the structural integrity of your home but higher moisture levels also invite general pest problems and wood-destroying insect problems such as termite infestation. The NC Cooperative Extension Service estimates that moisture causes more than $1 billion in damage to homes annually. This ranges from minor damage like peeling paint all the way to major damage, such as rotting, crumbing floor joists.

We all understand that people with asthma and weaker immune systems are more susceptible to respiratory issues. But have you thought about the effects of moisture on your healthy family? In 2004 the Institute of Medicine found sufficient evidence to link exposure to mold and damp indoor environments to upper respiratory problems in otherwise healthy people. How many illnesses has your family suffered due to high moisture in your home?

We aren’t just concerned with reducing excess moisture and removing mold – we work on preventing mold too. We address moisture in buildings in a variety of ways.

We offer encapsulated crawlspaces and conditioned crawlspaces to control moisture:

  • poly vapor barriers to reduce the amount of moisture that rises from the ground to the subfloor of the home.
  • foundation ventilators to increase airflow through a crawlspace
  • conditioned crawl spaces with dehumidifiers
  • sump pump installations
  • foundation drains


These options reduce condensation that can cause deterioration of materials, prevent mold from forming and provide the best Moisture Control beneath a home – whether in a crawlspace or a basement.

Protect your home and your family.
Call Peeler Environmental, Salisbury, NC’s professionals.

We offer affordable, proven methods to control and eliminate mold and moisture and improve your indoor air quality. We provide a thorough inspection and offer effective control, mold remediation and prevention services. Our specialists work quickly to stop your moisture damage in its tracks.

Our #1 product is your peace of mind.

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