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Account Access

If you need access or have questions to manage you account online, please contact our office.

Use the system to see:

  • past services
  • upcoming services
  • results of particular services
  • materials used
  • locations of materials used
  • potential problems that the technician discovered at their house

You can also use the system to:

  • pay for individual services
  • renew annual termite protection warranties
  • change billing/payment information

You can also select to be automatically notified via email when services are completed, when payments and other account transactions have been posted, as well trends in your service history. Going paperless is a big option and benefit for those that don’t want bills and statements on their desk at home. Use the system to get these sent straight to your email or smart phones and pay the bills right away or set up automatic billing. We are also putting finishing touches on what’s called linked documents. Linked documents will allow the customer to see original service agreements that were signed, graphs of the structure, paperwork about when the home was pretreated during construction, and also serve as a centralized location for buyers , sellers , realtors , and home inspectors to reference termite inspections that take place for realty transactions.