Reasons to Hire Salisbury NC Exterminators who Use Green Pest Control ServicesIf your home in Salisbury, North Carolina is besieged by insects, termites, rats, mosquitoes, racoons and other creatures that can be detrimental to your family’s health, you should get a dependable pest control contractor to protect you and your home. Today, pest control isn’t purely about spewing chemicals that could be as dangerous to your family as they are to your pests.Many people are now asking for the services of reputable exterminators in Salisbury NC who know how to use environmentally-friendly methods and non-hazardous chemicals in their services. Exterminators like these, such as Peeler Environmental, have honed their techniques to the point that they are more effective in removing pests or warding them off, while being safer for the environment at the same time.


One of the main advantages of using green pest control is the fact that it is now safe to use outside, without being a hazard to your plants or to the soil itself. This is excellent news seeing as your yard is just as susceptible to pests as your home’s interiors, even more so in some localities. Mosquitoes for one, often breed outdoors, in unattended areas filled with stale moisture and stagnant water.

Non-Toxic Chemicals

In the past, many pest control chemical treatments contained chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs. They were found in almost everything from commercially-bought bug sprays to fog treatments. CFCs are one of the chemicals that have been tagged as a primary cause of ozone layer depletion and have been replaced with more eco-friendly substitutes.

Nuisance Wildlife Treatments

Reasons to Hire Salisbury NC Exterminators who Use Green Pest Control Methods-2When it comes to ridding your house of unwanted wildlife, going green often means going humane. For instance, instead of using aggressively-toxic chemicals to poison rodents, many pest control contractors use live trapping devices instead. The prevention techniques involved in this area of pest management do not use chemicals, but rather mechanical deterrents like effective fences.

Environment-friendly exterminators in Salisbury, NC are equipped with a whole arsenal of these green techniques and treatments, allowing you to simply contact one and say that you prefer such services over the traditional methods. The danger with using chemical weapons against pests is that it could easily backfire and hurt you instead. This, however is much less of a problem with the green option.