Tips on Pest Control in Salisbury, NC Knock on Wood, but You Might Have Termites-1There are many beautiful homes in the city of Salisbury in North Carolina that serve as comfortable havens for its more than 33,000 citizens and… millions of termites? Terrifying as it may seem, termite infestations pose a real danger to the integrity of your house, and when left unchecked, might end up chewing your wooden structures to pieces. One challenge to pest control in Salisbury NC is detecting an infestation before things take a turn for the worse.

Mud Tunnels

Step outdoors and look at your walls or other structures made of brick, concrete, plastic, or other dense building materials. If you find any mud trails that look like tunnels or veins, you might have a termite infestation on your hands. Termites use these tunnels as transport to bypass materials that they can’t normally burrow through.

Wall Damage

You should also check your interior walls for cracks, sunken or rippled panels, or strange, small holes in the drywall. All of these point to a good possibility of an already thriving but unseen termite colony within. There are even some termite infestation signs which you might mistake for water damage. Many termite species hollow out wood and replace it with mud or soil.


Termites that aim to start new colonies grow wings which they then use to fly into a new location, only to shed them again after mating and choosing a nesting spot. Look for winged “reproducer” termites swarming around a particular area in your house, or maybe some shed wings in the aftermath of their mating rituals.

What to Do

Tips on Pest Control in Salisbury, NC Knock on Wood, but You Might Have Termites-2Should you find any of these signs of a termite infestation, call Peeler Environmental for Salisbury NC pest control services as soon as you can. Don’t rely solely on any commercial termite products that may only serve to kill some of the termites, but not really to subvert an infestation. Instead, contractors like Peeler Environmental will have services that can help you get rid of or avoid an infestation altogether.

Do this termite check every few months, especially if you hear a lot of infestation or termite damage news around your neighborhood. Call for professional pest control services as soon as you can, before the chewers can do maximum damage to your home.